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Webinale 2023

Frontend Architecture: How to Build a Zoo?

It’s a sunny day, a great time to visit the zoo. Nice themed areas set the mood to explore the animals. On a rainy day, time to hack a new feature into your product. You’ll also explore animals, but they are not grouped in themed areas, instead are deconstructed. You’ll find the fur of all animals washed with the same color, carnivores and herbivores are in the same compound (uh-oh!) – your code doesn’t spark the same mood as the zoo.

As much as a zoo groups cohesive elements together, so should our code. Designing a good architecture is everything but trivial. This talk explains the elements of architecture with focus on frontend on these areas:

  • Strategies for organizing code

  • Closing the communication gap on strategic and tactical design between frontend and backend

  • Connecting architecture with technical challenges in frontend

Architectural language is complex and hard to understand. This talk provides alternatives by using story telling to convey architectural design in practical bite-sized pieces.

Ember.js Europe Q2

How to onCommunicate isClearly() ?!

Using the same language across multiple disciplines to work on a product sounds like the perfect setup for a trap of miscommunication. How do we as engineers “participate” in this scenario? We’ll look into some of those and learn how to prevent these pitfalls.

Ember Ignite

Frontend Component Architecture