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  • Inside Design Tokens: The Three Class Token Society

    Design tokens are often grouped based on their phenomenal reference sequence. From basic, over semantic to component tokens. This article compares this organization with a model based architecture and figures out the advantages and disadvantages.

  • The Hidden Skill and Art of Naming Things

    The two hardest problems in programming are cache invalidation, naming things and off-by-one. You learn a lot about algorithms while studying computer science to find clever solutions for the problem at hand – but for naming things? For me undoubtedly this is the hardest problem. In fact, this issue exists in almost every discipline, whether […]

  • Ember with Storybook – Behind the Scenes

    Storybook is a system to develop, document and test your frontend components for multiple frameworks and libraries. This post focuses on the integration between storybook and ember. This is the third and final part from Figma to Ember to Storybook series, which I make sure can be read on its own.In this article, I give […]

  • Integrate Ember with the JS Ecosystem at the Example of Theemo

    With Ember octane and in combination with recent developments such as ember-auto-import one major issue with ember is greatly fading away. Namely the integration of existing JS libraries in combination with making ember itself use standard javascript language features, most prominent to highlight are native classes over ember object.That also means it’s time to better […]

  • Say Hello to Theemo – the Yordle Powered Theme Automator

    Theemo is a javascript library to automate your theme workflow by enhancing your already existing toolchain and connecting multiple tools together.I share the learnings that went into it and tell you what you can use it for. tl;dr: Learnings Let’s do a time warp how I got here. I started project hokulea, a design […]

  • Ember 2019: Reduce Complexity

    Staring last year, Ember is calling once a year for input on what people want to see being worked on in the framework to form their roadmap. The responses from last year were amazing with so much constructive input and ideas. Reading them was a fantastic learning experience to gain insights into all those creative […]

  • PDT and Composer: A visionary concept

    It all started, when I sketched this UI concept for a possible eclipse composer plugin: and also created a pull-request to start the development on the editor. For now, it looks pretty much to my first sketch. In the early days of the composer plugin Robert and me fastly realized the potential that comes with […]

  • Composer Development with local Dependencies

    TL;DR: If you want to do composer development with local dependencies and do not want to roundtrip packagist you might checkout my plugin composer-localdev-plugin and see if it suits you. Composer has undoubtly become the de facto packaging standard for php applications. IDEs support this and make development even more beneficial. You need some behavior […]

  • First-class Composer support for Eclipse

    Today composer support for eclipse PDT is available. The project was originally created by Robert Gründler. In my fork I added an editor to manipulate the composer.json. We both made composer in a pdt a delicious experience. It ships with the following features: Full fledged composer.json editor Search on from within eclipse Install / Update […]