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  • The Primary/Secondary Naming Controversy in Design Systems

    When researching for my open-source design system hokulea, speaking to designers, or chatting on the design systems slack, it always brings me back to the words primary and secondary. Although I personally don’t like these words, they are kinda like a heavy magnet that draws everybody to use them. The repeated usage of these two […]

  • Say Hello to Theemo – the Yordle Powered Theme Automator

    Theemo is a javascript library to automate your theme workflow by enhancing your already existing toolchain and connecting multiple tools together.I share the learnings that went into it and tell you what you can use it for. tl;dr: Learnings Let’s do a time warp how I got here. I started project hokulea, a design […]

  • Full Featured Themes in Figma

    The main motor is the idea to establish a workflow from Figma to Ember to Storybook. This article is the first in the series of three yet can be read for itself independently. Shown conventions should also serve the purpose of connecting Figma to other systems.Secondly I wanted to understand the world of design systems, […]

  • From Figma to Ember to Storybook … with 2 Clicks

    An ambitious goal I set myself for the beginning of my year. I achieved it. It’s a pleasure to work in such a setup and this is a series of articles in which I share how this works. It’s made up of three posts and each of them can be read invidiually as a standalone […]