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  • Inside Design Tokens: Naming

    Naming design tokens can sometimes be considered its own discipline. Naming is surprisingly straight forward, and if it isn’t then it solves the wrong problem.

  • Inside Design Tokens: Token Specification

    Design tokens become scalable when they are replicable. A token specification is a formula for achieving design tokens scalability and tools interoperability.

  • Inside Design Tokens: Put your Tokens on a Scale

    Ever worked with a set of design tokens that are super inconsistent and hardly distinguishable? Perhaps a wrong scale? This article explains the available scales, their problems and what to use them for.

  • Inside Design Tokens: The Three Class Token Society

    Design tokens are often grouped based on their phenomenal reference sequence. From basic, over semantic to component tokens. This article compares this organization with a model based architecture and figures out the advantages and disadvantages.

  • Inside Design Tokens: Modeling & Communication

    Design system architecture with focus on design tokens, that form the vocabulary of your visual design language, helping to streamline the communication amongst stakeholders. Modeling the system with boundaries to ensure clear purpose and predictability for design tokens and stability guarantees with fine control for theme authors.

  • Inside Design Tokens: Features

    Features encode user preferences, inherit behavior(s) and are communicated by several principals through agents. Design tokens may or may not support features.

  • Inside Design Tokens: Definitions & Traits

    Over the past three years, I’ve researched design tokens for usage in Theemo and I’m sharing my discoveries in this article series.

  • The Primary/Secondary Naming Controversy in Design Systems

    When researching for my open-source design system hokulea, speaking to designers, or chatting on the design systems slack, it always brings me back to the words primary and secondary. Although I personally don’t like these words, they are kinda like a heavy magnet that draws everybody to use them. The repeated usage of these two […]