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  • Ember with Storybook – Behind the Scenes

    Storybook is a system to develop, document and test your frontend components for multiple frameworks and libraries. This post focuses on the integration between storybook and ember. This is the third and final part from Figma to Ember to Storybook series, which I make sure can be read on its own.In this article, I give […]

  • Integrate Ember with the JS Ecosystem at the Example of Theemo

    With Ember octane and in combination with recent developments such as ember-auto-import one major issue with ember is greatly fading away. Namely the integration of existing JS libraries in combination with making ember itself use standard javascript language features, most prominent to highlight are native classes over ember object.That also means it’s time to better […]

  • Say Hello to Theemo – the Yordle Powered Theme Automator

    Theemo is a javascript library to automate your theme workflow by enhancing your already existing toolchain and connecting multiple tools together.I share the learnings that went into it and tell you what you can use it for. tl;dr: Learnings Let’s do a time warp how I got here. I started project hokulea, a design […]

  • Full Featured Themes in Figma

    The main motor is the idea to establish a workflow from Figma to Ember to Storybook. This article is the first in the series of three yet can be read for itself independently. Shown conventions should also serve the purpose of connecting Figma to other systems.Secondly I wanted to understand the world of design systems, […]

  • From Figma to Ember to Storybook … with 2 Clicks

    An ambitious goal I set myself for the beginning of my year. I achieved it. It’s a pleasure to work in such a setup and this is a series of articles in which I share how this works. It’s made up of three posts and each of them can be read invidiually as a standalone […]

  • My Experiences with Figma Plugin Development

    I randomly came across a blog post by Figma in which they explained how they built their plugin system. It’s a great read from an engineering perspective which discusses the creation of a secure sandbox. At that time I didn’t know how handy this knowledge would become for myself. It started with playing around in […]

  • Ember 2019: Reduce Complexity

    Staring last year, Ember is calling once a year for input on what people want to see being worked on in the framework to form their roadmap. The responses from last year were amazing with so much constructive input and ideas. Reading them was a fantastic learning experience to gain insights into all those creative […]

  • Thoughts on Improving Developer Ergonomics for emberjs

    “Convention over Configuration” is an often called mantra when working with ember.js. Especially new ember developers really embrace this, when they start working with a zero-configuration ember. A unified system is very helpful also for long term ember developers that jump onto a new project and immediately feel home.Unfortunately this is a totally different story […]

  • Reboot ember-data as @ember/orm ?

    Ember’s data layer has come a long way and is serving many, many developers a good API to connect to their backend and interchange data. There also evolved a good ecosystem with adapters and serializers ready to install. Ember-data is grown alongside Json API and they are tightly coupled together, making it a bless to […]

  • PDT and Composer: A visionary concept

    It all started, when I sketched this UI concept for a possible eclipse composer plugin: and also created a pull-request to start the development on the editor. For now, it looks pretty much to my first sketch. In the early days of the composer plugin Robert and me fastly realized the potential that comes with […]