Thomas Gossmann

Unicyclist. Artist. Developer.

  • Composer Development with local Dependencies

    TL;DR: If you want to do composer development with local dependencies and do not want to roundtrip packagist you might checkout my plugin composer-localdev-plugin and see if it suits you. Composer has undoubtly become the de facto packaging standard for php applications. IDEs support this and make development even more beneficial. You need some behavior […]

  • Diagnostics: Time-Analysis for Unicycle Freestyle Routines

    Analytics in freestyle are rare, mostly the only given measurement that’s been done during practice is counting dismounts and see if this number decreases as the competition approaches. There is so much more room for more analytics on freestyle routines to help during practice to measure a certain aspect of the routine and with multiple […]

  • Project Idea: DepHub

    I am a webdeveloper. When it comes to dependencies, I’m using composer to manage my php dependencies and I mostly use bower to manage my dependencies for frontends. Why do I need both? Why can’t I simply use composer to manage my frontend dependencies, too? There is even a project for this, to let me […]

  • On CSS Variables

    Since Firefox supports CSS variables in their nightly build (version 29), I recently tested CSS variables (View on dabblet). While the spec has changed over one and a half year ago to use the var-* syntax, Atkins Jr (spec author) also explains why. My first reaction when I first read about this, was the same […]

  • First-class Composer support for Eclipse

    Today composer support for eclipse PDT is available. The project was originally created by Robert Gründler. In my fork I added an editor to manipulate the composer.json. We both made composer in a pdt a delicious experience. It ships with the following features: Full fledged composer.json editor Search on from within eclipse Install / Update […]

  • Installing OpenLDAP on Debian Squeeze with OLC

    There are a lot of tutorials out there, that tell you how to install ldap and set up its configuration. Since version 2.3 OpenLDAP has changed to a dynamic runtime configuration, also called OLC (OpenLDAP Configuration or On-Line Configuration) but tutorials barely exist. This tutorial should help you set up your OpenLDAP with this dynamic […]